segunda-feira, 14 de abril de 2014

segunda-feira, 29 de agosto de 2011

Pedaços de Mim!

Há já algum tempo atrás que comecei a juntar todos os pedaços de mim mesma.
Neste momento da minha vida recuperei todos os pedaços partidos ou perdidos neste caminho que é a vida.
Bastou parar para pensar e percorrer todo o caminho para saber onde tinha deixado todos os pedaços de mim. A felicidade está dentro de nós e não nas coisas que possuímos ou nos outros. Todos os pedaços tinham sido perdidos porque eu me esqueci que para nos mantermos “intactos" é preciso valorizarmo-nos mais. A felicidade é a chave para o sucesso e como tal eu tinha de me recuperar totalmente para poder brilhar outra vez. Parei de correr atrás de miragens e ilusões que apenas me faziam sofrer e resolvi ser apenas “Eu” e lutar pelos meus sonhos… que são mais que muitos. Agora quero apreciar a vida na sua plenitude. Viver como uma criança e ser apenas Feliz. Feliz porque simplesmente existo e sou Eu!


sábado, 9 de julho de 2011

Uma bela lição de vida!

Sem dúvida uma lição de vida!

domingo, 13 de fevereiro de 2011

domingo, 30 de janeiro de 2011

My secret ambition!

Have you ever dreamt about being famous?
Travelling to Los Angeles has always been something I’ve wanted very badly in my life, but my secret ambition has always been to know Ellen De Generes, to be on her show, to sit on her red sofa and be given an interview. I’ve always wanted to do many different things in my life, besides travelling and being famous. I’ve always wanted to be a Librarian and a Reiki practitioner. I have always written my thoughts down, my feelings and hopes. Recently I have discovered that I love writing stories. I could say now, writing has always been my secret ambition, too, so secret that I myself didn’t even know about it. Thinking about becoming a professional novel writer, my recently discovered lifelong passion, and turning it into my livelihood, now makes me believe that the likelihood of achieving fame and be on Ellen’s show is an ambition that’s not impossible to fulfil. I believe that I could become rich and famous by writing. I don’t want to be put off by dull statistics that say that it’s very difficult to publish a novel. I believe that dreams could come true and I love to daydream. The day I stop daydreaming is going to be the day of my death.
Of course, I know that to be a successful author I need to write every day, I need to devote the necessary time and effort to compose a story. I need to do a lot of thorough research, if I want to succeed as a fantastic novel writer.
To be a good writer, you need, of course, to like reading and to have a lot of imagination. I have many bookshelves in my room, all stacked with books.
I know that it’s difficult, very difficult to publish a story, but I also know that it is not impossible. If I don’t believe in myself, who will believe?
While I am writing I can dream, that I live in another world, in an uncomplicated world where no bad things exist, where only happiness and love are real. While I’m writing I can be another person, I can wear the character’s skin. Time is passing by and I have to act, if I want to do well in a world, where no second chances are given.
I don’t want to show off but all my friends say that I can write very well, that I write with my heart and soul. They say that I have the necessary skills that I should go on writing. I also know that I’m going to need a stroke of luck to see the story in the hands of millions of people.
I always like a big challenge, I never like to do things the easy way, and therefore I love to write in English. If I want to accomplish my objective of being invited by Ellen on to her show, I’ll need to learn to speak English automatically, easily and instantly.
There’s no day I don’t feel the need to write. I think I am an addicted writer and reader.

sábado, 22 de janeiro de 2011

Living your life fully

is our "homework" ...
When we look ... night has fallen.
It’s already bedtime.
When we wake up... it’s already weekend.
When we look around
It's already Christmas... the year ended.
When we look... We’ve reached 40!...
Quickly reached 50's.
It's already too late ...
If we were given a second chance ...
We wouldn’t look at the clock.
We would go on without FEAR. We would follow "LOVE".
We would scream in the wind "I love you"...
And all our feelings!
But life doesn’t give second chances...
It doesn’t give us one more day.
We’ve to wait for a new life...
We have to catch the next train (of life)
And then we must not forget to live it fully!
Do not neglect doing something for lack of time! ...
Do not stop loving because you're afraid to be happy...
Especially do not fear of not being loved in return.
Because only those who Love... live life fully!
Therefore Live, Love, Play every day ...
Follow your life’s road...
Do not expect the next train.
LIVE… and be

To Be!

I'm everything and I am nothing...
Nothing belongs to me... everything belongs to the world.
Nothing and no one crosses path randomly.
Everything happens for a reason...
People who stayed in our lives... tune in to our soul...
Those who went away... gave us some life lesson...
We have so much to give and receive.
So much to learn...
With proud people, we learn to be humble.
Gratitude... that's what we learn from loving and caring people.
Forgiveness... a hard word to be pronounced...
That's what we learn with people who have a hard heart.
Love ... a sweet and beautiful word... A word we learn with all the people who pass through our lives.
Nostalgia ... a feeling with which I can’t deal yet.
We went through good and bad life experiences...
With the bad ones, we grow as people; we raise our “Self”.
We simply have to think that everything happens for a reason.
Face everything with a smile and never lower our guard.
If we hurt someone... We should at least apologize...
If someone hurts us... we should try to discover the reasons...
We should think that we only feel hurt because someone didn't match our expectations...
Therefore we have no reason to feel hurt...
We should respond with love and affection...
To be... it's not only to have a body...
It is to have a soul...
It is to love, give affection...
It's living every day like it will be the last one.

sexta-feira, 21 de janeiro de 2011

To be happy!!

To be happy,
I just need someone who listens to me
Someone who with sweet words and
gentle gestures makes me smile
Somebody who by looking into my eyes will be able to read my soul
Friends are angels, earthly angels that even distant, are always present...
Friends are angels who makes me happy
Share my joys and my sorrows...
Accept me for who I am, with all my faults and virtues
Being a friend is to be more than a company...
To be friends... is being a companion
Friendship solidifies with time, it never ends...
Summing up... To be happy...
I just need a friend's smile!

Changes of my life!

Today I woke up wanting to write down everything that goes in my soul, but the day passed and only now in the evening am I finding time to sit and write down all my thoughts. Whenever I value my silence, I always feel my own need for
space and lately I haven't had "my" time, there're always thousands of things to
do and when I finally get some time, I'm so exhausted that all I want to do is
slip into bed and sleep. Sometimes I wonder if I haven’t had time or even if I
don’t want to have it. I realize that my life is changing, I realize the changes
in me, but they‘re occurring so quickly that I'm afraid of myself. The changes
are for the better, no doubt, but even then I’m afraid that my body cannot handle
the pace of my mind. I feel better, calmer, less anxious and
happier! I'm learning to see the happiness in me, not in what I own. I'm learning not to see the happiness in others, in
things, but in myself – inside me.
Many people, even unknowingly, have contributed to my change. Someone
contributed to my desire to write everything that's going on in my soul, someone with a
few words made me look again inside me and made me wake up.
In recent years I began to behave as a psychiatrist, just trying to heal my illness but I forgot
about me, the patient. I no longer doubted or questioned anything, I just accepted the things they told me. I looked like
a robot doing everything I was told and entailed every desire of others as an
order; I simply put myself in the last place. A few weeks ago,
perhaps months, my changes started. First slowly
and over the past 15 days, changes began to occur at an astronomical speed, I
began to doubt, question and above all to think again about me. I started to like myself again. Not surprisingly, despite never being alone in recent years, I often felt alone and worried,
because if I didn't like the image reflected in the mirror who else would?
The people around me have already understood my changes and
everything began to change. If someone
confronts me, I won't lose my coolness, I do not care. It's so good to smile
instead of feeling anger. Speaking calmly and simply saying: "That's your
opinion not mine" instead of getting angry. I learned to use my
intelligence, rather than getting upset and wasting my energies and believe me I feel much
better! I learned that silence really is golden. I learned to value myself and
to value things. Those things I didn't care about and which now make me
I finally learned that I am a good company for myself; I’m indeed the best
company I have! Arrogant? No, just honest
with myself and above all with others. I learned to love the smallest things and
even despite all the difficult situations that I still have to face, I believe
that everything will turn out fine and I am sure that my moments of happiness will increase every day!


Being crazy is to live differently ...
Being crazy is to be different ...
... is to be honest ...
Being crazy is to be happy ...
It is to be free ...
Being crazy ... is to love and to be loved ..
… Is living life intensely...
... this is life... living in the present tense
Being crazy is to express our feelings...
is to embrace all people who cross in our lives ...
Being crazy is to forgive ... is to be a friend
Being crazy is to smile ...
Is knowing that in the end, only madman lived their life.